Backyard Herbalism: Lessons from Nature

As a blossoming herbalist whose heart is filled with love and respect for the plant world, my vision is to perhaps inspire you to explore and connect with the wilderness on your own and learn from the best teacher: Nature. 

Plants are both pure magic and science, teachers and healers. They are a manifestation of the beautiful collaboration between all different elements, including sun, earth, water and minerals.

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Ragged Print Shop: Celebrating the Creative Process

As far as a vision, I have a lot of ideas. But I'm trying to take them one at a time for now. (laughs) In general though, I'd love to see it build more as a space for people to come be. And come hang. And share a love of creative processes. Even if that means hanging out, working on different projects and sipping on coffee or maté, all while being surrounded by the presence of good art and good music.

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