Floyd D. Tunson: Chasing the Elephants out of the Room

Floyd D. Tunson holds a master's degree in studio art. His work is in the collections of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, the Denver Art Museum, the Kaiser Permanente corporation, the Walter O. Evans Collection of African-American Art and the collection of Polly and Mark Addison. Tunson's eclecticism includes photography, printmaking, drawing, painting, mixed media and sculpture.


Directed by Clifton Johnson Jr. / Luke Atencio / Wylene Carol
Director of Photography: Clifton Johnson Jr.
Produced by Wylene Carol
Music, Edit, Color Grade: Luke Atencio
Special thanks to Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center for giving us access to the Son Of Pop exhibition by Floyd D. Tunson.

A note from Luke Atencio:
In addition to being a prolific artist, Mr. Tunson is also an art educator and was my high school art teacher. He has been one of the most important creative influences in my life and the lives of so many of my classmates.